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The Bombie is a male undead giant resembling an anthropomorphic dog and the 2017 Continuum's counterpart to Bombie the Zombie.


A gigantic green-skinned monster, the Bombie (whose origins are unknown) at some point became tasked with pursuing and terrorizing the richest person in the world. By 1960 his target had become one Mr Zee, until Scrooge McDuck closed a business deal with him that made Scrooge the richest duck in the world. Mr. Zee quickly informed Scrooge of his danger, and before disappearing shared a rhyme concerning the only means of stopping the Bombie's pursuit:

He cannot be bought,
He cannot be fought,
Though riches you've got,
Your life will be fraught,
Until you have earned the one thing you have not.

The Bombie quickly made his presence known to McDuck, who eventually was able to imprison the Bombie on Falcon Island. He proceeded to have it erased from all maps, and invested considerable capital into maintaining the magical defenses Unfortunately, when his great-nephew Louie Duck managed to become the richest duck in the world in his place, he thoughtlessly cut funding to the island at the urging of the Buzzard Brothers. The Bombie promptly escaped, and soon began hunting Louie, Launchpad, the Headless Man-Horse, and Zan Owlson when they came to investigate.

After numerous failed attempts to escape or destroy the Bombie, Louie was cornered by the creature in Duckburg alongside his Uncle Scrooge. At this point, Louie finally realized that he was not ready for the responsibility of being the richest duck in the world. His humility in this admission, and Scrooge's own in acknowledging the wisdom of Louie's declaration, appeased the Bombie. After the two ducks shined the Bombie's boots, he departed for parts unknown.

Behind the scenes

The DuckTales 2017 version of Bombie, unlike the original, is an anthropomorphic dog as opposed to a human.

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