Boris the Butler is a male dognose.


The duplicitous Boris was wealthy Duckburger Countess Bonbon's butler until 1968, when he decided to try and make some money for himself by selling off individual prism-crystals from the Countess's prize chandelier. To reach the chandelier without doing something so suspicious as taking out the gardener's ladder, Boris would, nightly, dislocate the bannister from the grand staircase and use it as a ladder to steal a few of the crystals. However, the Countess, who heard the strange noises produced by the operation, came to believe her house was haunted and called on Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, who had, at the time, formed a detective agency. Despite Boris's attempt to shift the blame onto Daisy, he was eventually caught by Dimwitty Duck, the detective agency's janitor.

Behind the scenes

Boris the Butler appears in the 1968 story The Vanishing Banister as its main antagonist.

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