Bossy is a non-anthropomorphic cow belonging to Goofy.


Bossy is a brown cow. Her owner, Goofy, rides her like a horse, believing that riding a cow is what makes one a true cowboy. She is a hungry cow who will sometimes go in the wrong direction from where Goofy wants her to go just to get food, and she has been known to moo very loudly when she is hungry. She is perhaps most happiest when she is eating. At the very least, her expression is quite cheery when she is able to munch on the grass that she yearns for.

Goofy rode her when he was deputized by Sheriff Mickey Mouse and tasked with helping him track down Black Pete and Zeke Pete. When she and Goofy confronted Black Pete, they were kidnapped. However, her loud mooing, spurred by her hunger, led Mickey to the place where they and the crooks were. Mickey did manage to both arrest the Pete brothers and free Goofy and Bossy, thanks in part to her loudness which led him to the right location.

Behind the scenesEdit

Bossy first appeared in Double Trouble.

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