The Bottomless Lake is a large lake in Africa.


The Bottomless Lake is a mysterious, magical lake somewhere in Africa, believed by some locals to house a monster. It is nearly impossible to reach it; without the source of Impossible Berries, only the world's greatest explorer, Doctor Stan Livingstone, ever managed it. According to Livingstone, the Lake is somehow truly bottomless, though (again thanks to Berries) he still managed to walk to the bottom of it and back once.

Every century, a few Impossible Berries float up to the surface of the Lake. They are magical berries which allow people to somehow achieve impossible things when bitten. It is in search of more Berries than the century's quota that Livingstone set out to reach the bottom of the Lake, though he found none there.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Bottomless Lake is the main macguffin location of the 1986 audio story The Impossible Journey.

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