The “Bowtie Mayor” is a male dognose.

Description Edit

This man, identifiable by his snazzy orange bowtie, was the Mayor of Duckburg, Calisota in Spring 1960. Quick to rise to the occasion when he felt a trend coming on in the crowd, the Mayor jumped in three minutes after "Martian-mania" seized the citizens and prepared to ceremonially give the Key to the City to the alien visitors. When he realized that the man in the flying saucer that had caused all this commotion was merely Scrooge McDuck, however, the Mayor jumped ship, taking back the key and berating Scrooge for the mockery. He then stormed off.

Behind the scenes Edit

This version of the Mayor of Duckburg appears in the 1960 Luciano Bottaro story Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket.

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