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Brain Vs. Brawn is a comic story drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Clarabelle Cow and Clara Cluck, as well as, in their debuts, a Lion, a Businessman, a Boat Rower, a Newsreader and the South American Coast Tribe along with its Chief.


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Donald Duck is trying to do a fundraiser, but no one is buying. He returns home, tired, and Daisy Duck puts the TV on. The news is: the newspaper will offer someone $1000 to live in the wild. At first Donald disagrees to do so, but he agrees eventually. Later, Daisy tells the girls that Donald is off to the South American Coast, and they are very excited.

Donald ends up there and is chased by a lion in a cave! Donald lands on a tree and the coconuts fall off and knock the lion out. Donald learns how to start a fire, but the smoke drifts to the other side of the island and sets the native's clothes on fire! The tribe attack Donald and he escapes, as he drops magazines on them and they start to read them. He returns home with $1000.

Behind the scenes

This story was first published in December of 1962 as the second story in Walt Disney's Donald Duck #85. It has never been reprinted in the U.S.A., but was reprinted in English in the Australian Donald Duck #76.