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Brawl in the Family was a comic miniseries, serving as the launch of Darkwing Duck comics in the U.S.A.


The four chapters of Brawl in the Family adapt the story of Darkly Dawns The Duck, the feature-length pilot of the animated series — with incidental changes in the dialogue and a few plot differences, most notably Taurus Bulba being directly responsible for the explosion of St. Canard Tower rather than it being an accidental consequence of Darkwing's meddling with the Ram Rod.

List of stories

  1. Darkly Dawns The Duck
  2. For Whom The Bull Toils!
  3. Fowl Play!
  4. The End of the Beginning!

Behind the scenes

This series was released through a series of four unique monthly issues separate from the numbering of any later Darkwing Duck book, often known as the Darkwing Duck Limited Series.