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Brick Boulder (known as Rock Sassi in the original Italian) is an anthropomorphic dog.


Detective Boulder

Brick Boulder as a detective in Mouseton.

Once hailed as the sharpest, most fearsome sheriff in Texas, and most certainly the toughest, Brick Boulder is an expert at crime-busting, gun-toting heroics, and tough as they get (qualities that are somewhat marred by his simplistic sense of good and evil and a general lack of judgement). He was transferred to the Mouseton Police Department as a detective in 1997 to replace Detective Casey, and has stayed there ever since for unfathomable reasons. Amusingly, the one criminal who ever escaped from Boulder prior to his arrival in Mouseton was none other than Peg-Leg Pete, leading the cop to forever hold Pete to be a great criminal mastermind towering above even the Phantom Blot.

Behind the scenesEdit

Making a memorable debut in the 1997 story Chief Casey's Longest Night, Brick Boulder has since become a recurring character.

His original Italian name is (much like all things in Longest Night) a play on words, as "Sassi" means "rocks" in Italian — a fact later justified by the reveal that Boulder's family is actually from Italy. His English name was chosen by Jonathan Gray with David Gerstein's blessing, and presented to Brick's creator himself, Tito Faraci — who approved of the name. It was finally unveiled in the 2018 Joe Torcivia localization of Chief Casey's Longest Night.

Though Boulder has not appeared in animation, Joe Torcivia has stated that he would gladly see Patrick Warburton in the role.

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