Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, better-known as simply the Brigadier, is a human man from a parallel universe.


The Brigadier is a man from the version of Earth in the Doctor's universe. A no-nonsense military man who often comes face-to-face with aliens and another "supernatural" threats, the Brigadier is a good friend of the Doctor's.

In 1975, while the Doctor (then in his fourth incarnation) was busy telling television viewers about various Disney characters (fictional in his world, but whom he personally knew from having traveled to their universe), the Brigadier sent the Doctor a message asking for his help battling a new alien threat. The Doctor immediately cut his story short and complied.

After dying as an old man, the Brigadier was brought back to life as a Cyberman by the Doctor's old enemy and fellow Time Lord, Missy. Ever indomitable, the Brigadier resisted his cyberprogramming and escaped Missy's command, saving the Doctor's life in the process. The Doctor later bumped into him on a few occasions.

Behind the scenesEdit

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is a major character in the long-running British series Doctor Who and associated media. During one of several incursions that the Doctor has made into Disney lore, the 1975 special Disney Time 1975, the Brigadier (offscreen) sends a message to the Doctor, concluding the special and leading directly into the next official Doctor Who episode, Terror of the Zygons.

The Brigadier makes a few brief appearances in the crossover video game LEGO Dimensions, first as a portrait of his human self, and then later as his robotized, Cyberman self.

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