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Brigadier General Robert E. Lee Sparrowhawk, also known as Uncle Bob, is a diminutive dognose.


A short but stocky military man, Uncle Bob is the uncle of Peg Pete and a great favorite of her son Pete Junior and his friend, Max Goof. His relationship with Peg’s husband, Pete, was less amicable, due in part to the spirited games in which Bob and the boys tended to become engaged. General Sparrowhawk also developed a great respect for Max’s father Goofy, the first man to ever-albeit unintentionally-take the ever alert general by surprise.

Behind the scenes

Uncle Bob appeared in the 1992 Goof Troop episode “Major Goof'”.

The general’s full name is taken from Robert E. Lee, a controversial historical figure best known for serving as commanding general of the rebel army during the American Civil War.