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Brigitta MacBridge is a female anthropomorphic duck.


Brigitta MacBridge is a clever and resourceful businesswoman. However, she has one weakness: a hopeless infatuation with Scrooge McDuck which started when she first laid eyes on him in 1898 in the Klondike. Scrooge never reciprocated these feelings, for three main reasons; the first being that were he to ever marry, his heart is taken by Goldie O'Gilt; the second being that he doesn't really want to get married at all; and the third being that Brigitta, in spite of being a competent businesswoman, is an awful spendthrift compared to him. However, the ever-optimistic Brigitta refuses to give up and keeps coming up with new schemes destined to make Scrooge fall in love with her. In this, she is often helped by her friend Jubal Pomp, an aspiring businessman who would love to pull one over Scrooge to prove himself.

Behind the scenes

She first appeared in the 1960 story The Last Balaboo.