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Brutopia is a country aiming for world domination


Brutopia is a country aiming for world domination. They have often come up against Scrooge McDuck during these attempts. In 1957, they tried to steal the element Bombastium from Scrooge to use it for nuclear weapons. In 1965, the Brutopian Consul in Duckburg hypnotized Scrooge and planned to use the hypnotizing machine to take over the world. And in 2001, the Ducks, while searching for a map, get attacked by Brutopian armies. However, Scrooge always manages to stop the Brutopians. Brutopia has a space program of some sort, as they are known to have a few satellites in orbit, one of which was destroyed when the Curse of Nostrildamus caused it to fall to Earth. A Brutopian representative in Duckburg was among the rivals of Scrooge McDuck to wait at the Duckburg Airport to find out the location of the mysterious Plain Awful, however, the Ducks were disguised, and the location was not found out.

Behind the scenes

Brutopia first appeared in 1957 in A Cold Bargain by Carl Barks. It was based on the Soviet Union.

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