Brutopia is an evil country aiming for world domination


In A cold Bargain by Carl Barks, Brutopia tries to steal the Bombastium from Scrooge to use it for nuclear weapons. In A Swamp of No Return the Brutopian consul in Duckburg hypnotizes Scrooge so he can use the hypnotizing machine to take over the world. In The Crown of the Crusader Kings by Don Rosa, the ducks while finding a map gets attacked by Brutopian armies. And in the Dutch story Bombarie in Brutopia, Donald is a spy who should take back the chip that a female Brutopian spy stole from Duckburg.

Behind the scenes

Brutopia was inspired by the Soviet Union and even has a communist flag. Some believes that Flintheart Glomgold is giving money to Brutopia.

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