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Bubbles the Water Baby, formerly known as Number Six, is a mermaid.


A young merbaby in 1953, noted for her beautiful golden hair but otherwise known as Number Six, Bubbles was unusually precocious for her age. Due to an accident, she ended up away from Mermaid Lagoon, and met various characters at the bottom of the Neverseas, starting with the literal "loan shark" Solly. She returned to the Lagoon a much more confident girl, and with a name of her own, 'Bubbles', given to her by Fiddler Crab and Mr Octopus.

Bheind the scenes

Bubbles was only ever seen in the 1953 story Bubbles, the Water Baby, where she was the main character. Bubbles is modelled after the miscellaneous merbabies featured in the earlier cartoon, Merbabies.

Due to a technical mix-up, Bubbles shares an Inducks code with an unrelated Pixar character from the film Finding Nemo, also named 'Bubbles'.