Bubbles, the Water Baby is a comic story drawn by Harvey Eisenberg. It features the Neverland Mermaids, Neptune, and, in their debut, Bubbles, Mr Octopus, Fiddler Crab, Solly, Paint, Davy Jones and Mr Clam.


As the mermaids of Mermaid Lagoon are teaching a host of young "water-babies" how to swim properly, one, 'Number Six', loses her lifesaver, and, not having learned how to swim upwards yet, she sinks to the bottom of the Neverseas. There, the tiny mermaid (soon christened Bubbles) meets a host of colorful characters but gets in tangles with the literal loan shark Solly and none other than King Neptune himself!

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in the United States of America, in the 1953 Peter Pan Treasure Chest. It was later reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #571.

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