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Buck Skyrunner is an anthropomorphic toad.


Buck Skyrunner is a daring spacefaring adventurer, who has faced such evildoers as the galactic dictator Darth Vader and the Earth-based supervillain the Phantom Blot, all alongside Countess Leïla. Back on Earth, a popular series of novels chronicled the adventures of Buck and Leïla.

The second book in the series, The Grandsire Strikes Back, depicted the reveal to Leïla and Buck that they were actually cousins by blood, while the third, Return of the Necktie (released some time after April of 2006) was set to (among other things) show Leïla discovering that her worst enemy the Blot was actually her father.

Some time before this book's publication, Leïla went mad as a result of learning who her father was, and decided to become a supervillain herself; however, she still went down to Earth to advertise the new book, though only as part of her evil scheme. Buck did not apparently take part in the tour.

Behind the scenesEdit

Buck Skyrunner only ever appeared in the 2006 story Daughter of the Phantom Blot, which has, as yet, not been officially printed in English anywhere.

As the adventures of Buck Skyrunner are a transparent lampooning of the Star Wars franchise, Buck Skywalker is named and designed after the Star Wars character of Luke Skywalker. Daughter of the Phantom Blot mentions that Leïla and Buck are cousins, but that there is a common misconception in the public that they are love interests; in real life, the second film of the Star Wars series revealed that Leia was protagonist Luke Skywalker's sister, despite widespread fan speculation that the two characters would get together.

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