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Bucky Bug is an anthropomorphic beetle.


Youthful and adventurous, Bucky Bug is a resident of Junkville, where he lives with his wife June. His close friends include the tramp Bo, Grandpa Beetle, and Jiminy Cricket. Bucky is considered something of a hero in Junkville, having saved the town on several occasions.

Bucky was separated from his parents (Mr Bug and Mrs Bug) and sisters at the tender age of three months, when he decided to travel into the woods and lost his way. He soon met Bo, a tramp, who offered to look after him and become his mentor. Bucky traveled with Bo for some time, until the two settled down in Junkville. Bucky soon met June Bugg, daughter of the city's mayor, and began courting her, although her father would not allow them to be together unless Bucky could get a respectable job. Bucky set up a blacksmith shop with the help of Bo, who left Junkville to travel again soon after. Bucky eventually proposed to June, but her father forbid the marriage at first, as he wanted June to marry someone of high standing in society. However, because he liked Bucky, he made the bug a general in his army, as there were never any wars in Junkville for the army to fight, meaning that Bucky needed no military training.

Bucky prepared to marry June, but had to postpone the wedding due to an unexpected invasion from the neighboring Flyburg. Bucky was forced to lead the war, and, despite his lack of training, managed to lead Junkville to victory. Shortly afterward, he left Junkville, and found his parents, who had been evicted from their old home. After helping them build a new house and start a farm, Bucky returned to Junkville, and finally married June. They bought a house in Junkville, and Bucky soon reunited with Bo, who returned to Junkville with him. Bucky, along with his friends, have lived in Junkville ever since, often having further adventures (or misadventures) there.

Behind the scenes

Bucky Bug first appeared in Bucky Makes His Name in 1932.