Bug-Eyed Trunkasaurs are a species of alien animals.


Bug-Eyed Trunkasaurs are large, plump creatures resembling an unusually placid cross of an elephant and a dinosaur.

A Trunkasaur was among the creatures Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck saw in 1960 when they visited a Jovian zoo on the planet Jupiter; it was apparently considered harmless enough that it was not caged, instead staying inside its designated paddock seemingly of its own volition. It stood so still that the Earth triplets briefly confused the beast for a vending machine; however, its startled cry when Huey grasped its trunk soon dispelled the notion from their minds.

Thirty-five years later, Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck encountered a wild Trunkasaur (of much larger size) during another trip to Jupiter, and Donald's rudeness made the poor thing run away crying (though this proved fortunate, as not long after, Donald and Scrooge came across a Weepasaur roaming the area). 

Behind the scenes Edit

A Bug-Eyed Trunkasaur appears in the 1960 Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket. A wild Trunkasaur is seen in its 1995 sequel The Return of Rebo. Interestingly, in the two stories' 2018 American printing, the first Trunkasaur was colored grayish, and the second light blue. 

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