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Bugs Bunny is a male Toon resembling an anthropomorphic rabbit.


A highly successful Toon actor since the 1930's, Bugs Bunny shares with his screen personal a penchant for pranking and being a "smarty". He is the main star of the Looney Tunes crtoons (alongside Porky Pig and Daffy Duck). Bugs Bunny gets along well with Mickey Mouse's Toon counterpart, and the two enjoy skydiving together in Toontown.

Behind the scenes

Warner Bros. cartoons' most enduring star, Bugs Bunny was created in 1938 in the cartoon Porky's Hare Hunt.[2] In a Disney context, his existence was established in 1988 with Who Framed Roger Rabbit; due to a mix-up, Bugs Bunny had already been seen along with Disney characters over a decade earlier[3]

Voice Actors

  • Mel Blanc (original classic voice)

Notes and References

  1. One possible draft for the cancelled Who Framed Roger Rabbit sequel, Roger Rabbit: Toon Platoon, focused on Roger seeking out his parents and finding that his father was Bugs Bunny. As most published lore seems to depict Toons as being drawn into existence — albeit possibly with some "retconned" family to go with it — rather than born from parents, this is unlikely to be canon, without even taking into account whether Warner Bros. would have given their accord to such a film being made.
  2. That being said, he only received his classic design and characterization two years later in A Wild Hare.
  3. Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand, "Ain't He a Stinker?".