Burlap-Bones is an anthropomorphic dog.


Burlap-Bones is a canine detective. He presumably lives near Mouseton, Calisota. In 1930, he was asked to solve the case of a major bank robbery which had occurred in Mouseton. With the help of Watson, he attempted to find the ones who had committed the crime. He doesn't seem to have gotten very far in his investigation; he found the bank where the crime was committed but struggled to even find the bank vault! Ultimately, the mystery Burlap-Bones was supposed to solve was solved by Mickey Mouse instead.

Behind the scenesEdit

Burlap-Bones made a one-panel appearance in the 1930 story Mr Slicker and the Egg Robbers. He appeared in the strip that was originally released on November the 12th, 1930.

Down to his possession of an assistant called Watson, Burlap-Bones is, of course, one of the many parody versions of Sherlock Holmes featured in Disney media over the years.

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