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Burning Hearts (Brændende kærlighed in the original Dutch version) is a comic story written and drawn by Marco Rota. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and, in their debuts, Valiant Rudofino (and his fictional alter-ego, Sheik Hassan Ben Beat), Harry, Joe, and Girlie.


After Donald sees Daisy entering a limousine with who appears to be a rich sheikh, he follows them to the swanky Hotel Van Snobbe, where he spends the day attempting to ruin what appears to be a date between the two. But things are not quite as they seem...


  • The Hotel Van Snobbe is a fancy and expensive hotel located in downtown Duckburg.
  • Actor Valiant Rudofino portrays Sheik Hassan Ben Beat in the Burning Sands film trilogy.
  • Publicity agents Harry, Joe, and Girlie work for an unknown film studio in Duckburg, presumably the same studio which produces the Burning Sands film trilogy.

Behind the scenes

Burning Hearts was first published in 2003 in the Dutch Anders And & Co. 2003-07. It was printed in English in 2008 in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 689, where it was localized by Donald Markstein.