Buster the Bacteria is a male anthropomorphic bacteria.


Once a normal anthropomorphic bacteria living inside a glass of water belonging to Mickey Mouse, Buster had a bacteria girlfriend and bacteria family and was generally quite happy. However, using the unpredictable Electro-Box, Mickey accidentally "developped" Buster millions of time his original size. Buster was stuck living in the human world for a while, and fit in surprisingly well (although, to Mickey's displeasure, Buster's diet consisted entirely of steak and butter, expensive commodities in 1943). Eventually, however, Buster made Mickey and Morty understand he missed his old home, and Mickey used the Electro-Box to return him to normal.

Behind the scenesEdit

Buster the Bacteria was only ever seen in the 1943-1944 comic strip serial, The 'Lectro Box.

His design is rather similar to those of Wilbur and Hop.

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