NonDisney Butchie is a human boy.


In the late 1950's, Butchie was a teenage boy living in the same neighborhood of Lantzville as Oswald Rabbit and his adopted sons Lloyd and Floyd. A small-time bully, Butchie made fun of Lloyd and Floyd in 1959 when static electricity caused their tail-hair to stand on end in a, to be fair, rather ridiculous fashion. Lloyd and Floyd first came crying to Oswald, but then discovered that they could discharge the electricity through touch, and did so on Butchie.

Later, in the 1961 story Double Exposure Oswald asks Floyd and Lloyd about Floyd's black eye. They said that Butchie did it. Oswald told them to stand up to Butchie, but a little later Floyd and Lloyd are shown to both have black eyes!

Behind the scenesEdit

Butchie was only ever seen in the 1959 story Supercharged, but he was briefly mentioned in the 1961 story Double Exposure.

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