The Butterfly Tribe are an independent jungle-dwelling people from Costa Rica.

History and DescriptionEdit

The Butterfly Tribe dwell in Butterfly Valley in the jungles of Costa Rica. Though they conceal themselves from the outside world, and have their own government, they are not unaware of the world around them and make a point of having one of their numbers know the English language at all times.

The Tribe considers it their sacred duty to watch over the Butterflies of Eternal Life, and this is the reason for which they went into hiding when Europeans began to settle the land, as they feared the conquerors' greed would lead them to try and steal the enchanted crystals which preserve the Butterflies' immortality. They once described their reverence to the Butterflies as a belief that they were the incarnation of "the soul of the Jungle".

Though they do not possess much in the way of technology, the Tribe's citadel and its centerpiece (the Temple of Life) are stunning works of architecture, and they also know how to brew very powerful sleeping potions.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Butterfly Tribe appear in the 2017 story of the same name, a sequel to the 1962 Uncle Scrooge and the Bodacious Butterfly Trail.

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