Butterflies of Eternal Life are a species of nonsentient butterflies found in Costa Rica.

Description Edit

The Butterflies of Eternal Life are a genus of large, colorful butterflies. They are inexplicably attuned to the light of certain crystals found in the Temple of Life; the sunlight filtered through those crystals is enough to reinvigorate and rejuvenate even the oldest and feeblest Butterfly of Eternal Life. Thanks to the Temple's crystals, and to the protection of the Butterfly Tribe (the native people of Butterfly Valley, whose sacred duty it is to guard the Butterflies, as they see them as "the soul of the jungle"), it is not uncommon for Butterflies of Eternal Life to live for many centuries; at least one had known Christopher Columbus

Behind the scenes Edit

The Butterfly of Columbus was first seen in the 1962 story Uncle Scrooge and the Bodacious Butterfly Trail, where the Ducks were seen to speculate that it was one of its ancestors whose wings had been painted by Columbus, and that the trait had somehow carried over down the generations. Perhaps to correct this appallingly inaccurate understanding of hereditary biology, the idea of the Butterflies of Eternal Life was developed in the 2017 sequel Uncle Scrooge and the Bodacious Butterfly Trail.

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