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Butterless Buttered Popcorn is a foodstuff invented by Gyro Gearloose.


Butterless Buttered Popcorn was a paradoxical invention Gyro Gearloose sought to create in the early 1950's,[1] before his inventing career even seriously got going.[2] Gyro eventually succeeded in 2020, to the boundless joy of his Little Helper, in creating a bucket of Butterless Buttered Popcorn, which he lazily set down in his lab before moving on to something else.[3][FANWORK]

Behind the scenes

Butterless Buttered Popcorn was mentioned as one of Gyro Gearloose's first few (planned) inventions in his very first appearance, the 1952 Carl Barks story The Good Luck Charm. It later appeared as a background easter-egg in the unofficial 2020 story An Exquisite Duck!.

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