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The Buzzard Brothers, Bentley (grey eyebrows and monocle) and Bradford (small glasses), and Buford (big glasses), are a trio of anthropomorphic vultures from the 2017 Continuum.


Three stern siblings, or so they claimed, the greedy and down-to-earth Buzzards made up the Board of Directors of Scrooge McDuck's company. Scrooge trusted their judgement when it comes to business, but they were, if it is possible, even more miserly than he, to the point that they always want him to stop adventuring because they don't think it's "reliable enough" as a source of profit.

So strong was their dedication to making money in the most efficient way possible that they seriously considered firing the "unreasonable" Scrooge if they could only find a way. Ultimately they proved willing to go even further and eliminate Scrooge and his family, in their capacity as the leaders of the criminal organization F.O.W.L.. It would subsequently be revealed that Bentley and Buford were only two of a number of “dumbed down clones”[1] created by Bradford to aid him in his bid to rid the world of adventure. Bradford himself, the grandson of famed explorer Isabella Finch and the first (and worst) member of the Junior Woodchucks, would later make them the first victims of his intent to destroy everything and everyone connected with adventure.

Behind the scenes

The Buzzard Brothers were first seen in 2017 in the first episode of DuckTales 2017, Woo-oo!. However only two of them have speaking roles (Bradford being the one with the most lines).

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