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Cachorro was an anthropomorphic dog.


A Spanish pirate in the 16th century, Cachorro was the only one of Captain Pedro Alvarado's crew members dimwitted and loyal enough to keep following Alvarado once he became obsessed with finding the Wonderful Wishing Crown. Along with Alvarado, Cachorro was turned to a solid gold statue in 1564 by the enchanted waters protecting the Crown, only to be brought back to life in 2017 by a desperate Scrooge McDuck. After some misadventures, the pirates got their hands back on the Crown, and Cachorro thought to use it to wish they were back in their own time… but he forgot to ask for the Crown to be taken back with them, and to add insult to injury, the decrowned outlaws found themselves landing right in front of a British ship when they got back. They were both immediately arrested.

Behind the scenes

Cachorro first appeared in 2017 in Uncle Scrooge and the Wonderful Wishing Crown!