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Camellia Falco was a human woman who lives on as a spirit.


One of the original members of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, Camellia was an engineer, an aviator, and a pioneer of hot air balloon travel. She built some of the first flying machines, including the Dream Flyer, which was inspired by the designs of Leonardo da Vinci. Her love for aviation was sparked by her parents, Cellino and Giuliana Falco, who founded the Museum of Fantastic Flight in Porto Paradiso.

In 1850, Falco inherited the Museum of Fantastic Flight from her parents. She became the first woman to be inducted into the S.E.A. a year later, and continued the Society tradition of displaying an oar from a past expedition at the Tropical Hideaway, using an oar from an 1831 expedition on the Zambezi River.

Falco died in 1875. She lived on as a spirit, residing at the Museum of Fantastic Flight. During a celebration of her life held at the Museum in 1901, she guided guests on a journey of the imagination on her Dream Flyer.

Camellia owned a pet falcon named Aletta, whom she loved enough to take everywhere with her. For this reason, Aletta was included in most of Camellia's portraits.


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Behind the scenes

Camellia Falco (or rather, her spirit) is the host of the Tokyo DisneySea attraction Soaring: Fantastic Flight, which opened in July of 2019. Her expedition oar was previously installed in the Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland, making this her official introduction.

She is one of the only Society members not to appear in the Society group portrait in Mystic Manor, having been created long after the portrait was.