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Originally a duck girl that would never fit in anywhere, Camille spent her time studying biology and became obsessed with chameleons and their ability to fit in anywhere. She managed to extract the chameleon essence and implement it in herself, giving her fantastic transforming abilities and apparently a tail. She is now a shapeshifter who has the power to change into other forms. At some point on, she used her talent to commit robberies. Later, Honker Muddlefoot made her lose control of her transformations by making them warm. She was permanently turned into a chameleon but she somehow turned back to normal in the comics. She also speaks in a hissing voice like Snake in Powerpuff Girls.

Ducktales 2011Edit

Camille Chameleon first appears at the Ruby or not ruby? disguised as King's Fulla Cola son and tries with the help of Beagle Boys to steal the candy-stipped ruby (Rockerduck sent both her and the Beagle Boys after Scrooge to prevent him from returning the ruby).At the start she seems to have the upper hand and easily defeats Scrooge and his great-nephews,however, at the end despite all her attempts to steal the ruby fail and Scrooge manages to return it to it's original owner. She tries then to escape with a submarine thing which she manages to do successfully but after a short time gets at the hands of the Navy. She also appears in the Duck Tales/Darkwing Duck Crossover story Dangerous Currency where she is a member of the League of Eve-il along with Magica De Spell, Ammonia Pine, and Cinnamon Teal. They are in an alliance with The Phantom Blot, The Fearsome Four, and The Beagle Boys. They are also later joined by Nega Duck.


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