The Candy House is an enchanted building in the Enchanted Forest.


Presumably built by the Witch in the Candy House, the Candy House (located in the middle of the Enchanted Forest) was a lure used by the cannibalistic hag to get children or other "tasty" young people into her claws.

Presumably thanks to enchantments placed on it, the whole house was actually made of various kinds of candy and desserts. Also thanks to its inherent magic, the house was much bigger on the inside, and while the first rooms you found yourself in when entering were normal enough, the more you tried to escape through the house, the darker, roomier and crazier the candy-themed rooms got.

Fortunately, in 1999, the Witch was defeated by Mickey and Minnie Mouse who then fled. The House presumably remained abandoned, the magic slowly wearing off.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Candy House was featured in the 1999 short The Candy House.

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