This article is to describe the canonicity of the series that were part of the Disney Afternoon lineup of shows. The titles in italics are the names of the films, while the comments in parentheses describe the canon relation to the comics. See also: Walt Disney Classics, Canonicity of Silly Symphonies, Canonicity of Pixar Films.

Description Edit

Scrapped shows Edit

  • Justice Ducks (probably meant as canon to the comics)
  • Maximum Horsepower[1] (probably meant as canon to the comics)
  • The Magic Kingdom Show[2] (although it would have featured characters canon to the comics, it would seem to imply that, ordinarily, the Duck/Mouse characters were not real, and only existed in the cloud Magic Kingdom, meaning that it would have to be considered non-canon or taking place in an alternate universe at least)
  • Disney's Critter Country[3] (probably meant as canon to the comics)
  • Thumper's Thicket[4] (probably would have been canon to the comics through Bambi)

Notes and references Edit

  1. A series in which, in 1939, Horace Horsecollar is abducted by aliens on his way to ask Walt Disney to make a cartoon about him
  2. A series in which a boy and a girl discover that a replica of the Magic Kingdom exists floating in the clouds, and that all of the attractions and characters there are real and alive
  3. A series featuring the Br'er Rabbit and Country Bear Jamboree characters
  4. A series detailing the adventures of Thumper
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