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Canute the Brute's Battle Axe is a comic story written by Jørgen Fogedby, Lars Bergström and Tom Anderson and drawn by Vicar. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, Chisel McSue, and, in flashback, Fayodor McDuck.


Scrooge McDuck is president and treasurer of the "Old Scottish Tartans Club" in Duckburg. Unfortunately, Chisel McSue is also interested in the job (mostly because it would allow him to plunder the club's treasury, as, being run by Scots, it has become quite wealthy). The latest of a long line of swindles to try and take Scrooge's place, he now wants to prove that, contrary to what Scrooge has always claimed, his ancestor Fayodor McDuck wasn't the one who defeated Viking chief Canute the Brute. To prove his legitimity, Scrooge must now retrieve Canute the Brute's battle axe, which had been taken as a trophy by Sir Fayodor. But Chisel won't let him get away so easily…

Behind the scenes

The story was first printed in Swedish in Kalle Anka & Co. #1981-01. It was first printed in English in 1992 in Uncle Scrooge #272.