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Captain James Bartholomew Hook is a human being.


Then a secretly ambitious cabin boy, James Hook (who claims to have attended Eton) first found himself in Neverland in the very early 19th century following a tornado. Thanks to possessing the gift to understand the language of Neverland pixies, Hook became the second-in-command of the "pirate fairy" Zarina, secretly with the ulterior motive of betraying her and becoming captain of the pirate crew. He did so, but lost the ship. He was picked up by another ship, the Jolly Roger, after drifting a long way away from Neverland.

Quickly rising to become the new captain of the Roger, with the meek but efficient Mr Smee as his first mate, Hook became feared throughout the seven seas as one of the most dangerous and diabolical pirates. However, he eventually to Neverland, where Hook soon developped a rivalry with Peter Pan. A swordfight between the two ended with Peter cutting off Hook's left hand, which fell into the gaping maw of a crocodile, who, having apparently liked the taste, followed Hook ever since. Dead-set on getting his revenge, Hook has remained in Neverland ever since, for centuries, periodically facing off Peter Pan but never managing to kill him — despite the protests of his crew of cutthroats who wish their captain would finally let go of his grudge and get back to scouring the seas of Earth. Hook once managed to banish the Tick-Tock Crocodile out of Neverland, but the stubborn reptile eventually made his way back there, and in the meantime Hook was kept busy by another sea beast — the Octopus.

Behind the scenesEdit

Captain Hook was based on the character of the same name in James M. Barry's Peter Pan play and novel and first appeared in the 1953 animated motion picture Peter Pan.

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