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Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure is a comic story written by Del Connell and drawn by Dick Moores. It features Captain Hook, Yellow Beak, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John and Michael Darling, Mr Smee, Mr and Mrs Darling and Peter Pan.


The Darling family's holiday in a beat-up old seaside house on Lobster Cove turns into another pirate adventure for the Darling children when the “mangy old parrot” who came to the house is revealed by the magic of Tinker Bell as none other than Yellow Beak, a sentient parrot and associate of Peter Pan, here undercover to look for a treasure map hidden in the house! Unfortunately, Captain Hook and Mr Smee have also come to Earth, aboard the Skull'n'Bones, hoping to get the map before Pan and Yellow Beak do…


  • Yellow Beak and Peter Pan once saved an old sailor in a shipwreck, who gave them the location of the map in gratitude.
  • The Darling children end the story resolved to buy the old house using their share treasure.
  • Hook is sailing a ship known as the Skull'n'Bones, which is recognized on sight by Yellow Beak.


  • This story reuses the plot of Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold (1942), to the point that the names for landmarks of Morgan's Island in the 1942 story, including Bald Rock, Skeleton Tree and Spyglass Cove, are reused for the unnamed treasure island of the 1953 tale, although they can hardly be the same island.
  • However, as it features the Darling children not visibly any older than they were in Peter Pan (1953), the story must take place in the very early 20th century, and, thus, before Yellow Beak's 1942 adventure with Donald. This is consistent with Yellow Beak not yet having a peg leg and with the implication that he has thus far lived his whole life in Neverland, and intends to use the treasure to begin having adventures in the Seven Seas of Earth.
  • This might be argued to lead into the status-quo of The Seven Dwarfs and the Pirate (1949), another Finds Pirate Gold semi-remake which, for a miscellany of reasons, must also take place a goodly amount of time before the “present day”, and begins with a young, two-footed Yellow Beak in possession of a ship.

Behind the scenes

Captain Hook and the Buried Treasure was the fourth comic reincarnation of the unfinished 1939 feature film Morgan's Ghost, released in 1953 in Peter Pan Treasure Chest; it is notably closer to the 1942 Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold than either of the intervening adaptation, borrowing whole sequences. It was, at any rate, reprinted in English in Walt Disney Comics Digest #31 and later in Walt Disney's Comics Digest #2.