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Captain Kidd was a male dognose.


Captain Kidd was a feared late-17th century pirate who remained legendary well into the 20th century. Though pompous and short-tempered,[1] he was not without wit, and was a skilled fighter to back up his cockiness. On January the 30th, 1698, Kidd ransacked the Quedach Merchant and captured its treasure, whose fate remained unknown for centuries[2] until Yellow Beak found a map to Crying Island, where Kidd had actually buried the loot; he finally found it with the help of Donald Duck and of his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck.[3]

In 1699, he robbed rival pirate Fantasma De Spell of her treasure chest while it was at sea. The chest contained not only a fortune in stolen gold, but a a vooodoo grimoire which would later be the origins of the "De Spell family trade" in witchcraft, culminating in none other than Magica De Spell. Kidd managed to steal this chest again after Fantasma had learned a bare few spells from it, and buried it on the Canadian isle of Grand Manan.[2]

By 1973, the sheer existence of Captain Kidd was widely considered a myth. When Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck were told so by their schoolteacher, they had Gyro Gearloose bring Captain Kidd to the present as proof. However, Gyro accidentally brought along Kidd's entire sailing vessel and crew, who ran amok through Duckburg for a little while until they also brought in some contemporary redcoats to apprehend Kidd. After persuading the baffled guards to show off the shackled Kidd to their schoolteacher, the Duck triplets had Gyro bring them safely back to the early 18th century, with Kidd still in custody.[1]

Behind the scenes

Captain Kidd was first mentioned in the 1947 story Donald Duck and the Pirates.

Notably, although his historicity per se is not in doubt, modern historians do question the belief that the real William Kidd was the fearsome pirate of legend — with it looking fairly likely that his trial and subsequent hanging for piracy were largely a political ploy of the Tories against the Whigs, fairly disconnected from any hard evidence of misdeeds on Kidd's part. Although he may or may not have technically mutinied against the Crown of England at one point or another, it is fairly certain Kidd was never the bloodthirsty, unrepentant outlaw depicted in Disney comics.

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