Captain Pedro Alvarado

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Captain Pedro Jacinto Alvarado, called Captain Desvelado in the original Italian, was an anthropomorphic eagle.


A dreaded Spanish pirate in the 16th century, wanted for many counts of plundering, Captain Alvarado was a boastful egomaniac who became obsessed with finding the Wonderful Wishing Crown and using his wishes to rule the seven seas. His madness made most of his crew abandon him, save only for his dimwitted sidekick Cachorro. Alvarado and Cachorro finally located the Crown's island in 1564, but were petrified by the enchanted pond protecting the Crown.

They were revived in 2017 by a desperate Scrooge McDuck, who was unaware of the extent of Alvarado's evil; the pirate immediately betrayed his savior and attempted to get back the crown. After some misadventures, Cachorro came to hold the crown and wished for himself and Alvarado to be transported back to their time… but forgot to ask fo the Crown to be transported back with them. To add insult to injury, the time travel landed the two outlaws… right in front of the British ship, unarmed. They were immediately arrested. What became of them later on is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Captain Alvarado first appeared in 2017 in Uncle Scrooge and the Wonderful Wishing Crown!.

His English name (chosen by translator Joe Torcivia) is a transparent homage to the Disney comic artist Pete Alvarado; the middle name, according to Torcivia, both refers to Carl Barks's home town of San Jacinto and to the actor Paul Naschy (whose real name was Jacinto Molina), whose horror-film-based fame make him a fitting choice of a reference for a villain's name.[1]

Notes and References

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