The Caption Boxes are sentient, physical caption boxes.

Description[edit | edit source]

A race of physics-defying absurdities, the Caption Boxes first manifested in Mouseton in the Summer of 2011, with no one having any clear idea on their origins, as an aggressive swarm. Identical to yellow-tinted, plot-point-clarifying "caption boxes" in comic books, they also behaved as such, obsessively clarifying everything that was going on around them even as they worked to take over Calisota using strategies themselves rooted in pulpy science-fiction comic books.

Mickey Mouse and his friends were able to stop their invasion by behaving in outlandishly inexplicable ways, which confused most of the Caption Box population to the point of disintegration. A few survivors remained, much mollified by the adventure, and now glad to be of service to Mickey (possibly because they had realized he was the hero of the story, as real caption boxes tend to favor the protagonist inasmuch as they ever have a less-than-neutral tone).

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Caption Boxes are the antagonists of the 2011 story Night of the Living Text!.

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