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Carbine Canyon is a location near Duck's Bluff.


Carbine Canyon was the hiding place of Boothead Pete's gang of masked robbers in the early 19th century after they repeatedly ransacked Duck's Bluff. The sheriff of Duck's Bluff, Donald Duck's great-grandfather Bluffer Duck, managed to sneak into the meeting of the Masked Raider by disguising himself as one of their own, and spooked them by throwing bullets into their campfire, causing them to believe they were under attack and run away. Carbine Canyon (whose location was now marked by a sign) was visited in 1959 by Bluffer's descendants Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck as well as by Peg-Leg Pete and one of his accomplices.

Behind the scenes

Carbine Canyon appears in the 1959 comic story Duck's Bluff Story.