Cargo Plane
Vital Statistics
Type Cargo Plane
Era Post-War Era
Civilization Unknown (Bought from Peru)
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

The Cargo Plane appeared and played a significant role in The Son of the Sun.


Flintheart Glomgold disguised himself as a Peruvian pilot and bought the plane from Cuzco, in order to deceive Scrooge and his nephews.

The ducks met the "Peruvian pilot" who proposed to fly them to a non-existant landing strip on a high plateau on the Andes for low rates, easy payments, while accepting a Bank of Duckburg charge card.

In mid-flight Flintheart revealed his true identity and kept the ducks at gunpoint before he jumped out of the plane with his parachute to meet his porters and llamas.

Scrooge managed to get control of the plane, but accidentally ‘ejected’ Donald and the kids.

Scrooge nevertheless managed to control the plane despite the heavy damage it had suffered and made it to the Temple of Manco Capac sometime later, where he crashed the plane, but survived unharmed.

He used the plane's radio to register his claim to the Peruvian authorities.

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