This Duck Family Tree was created by Duck comics creator Carl Barks during the fifties to keep track of his own creations; it was later reworked by Mark Worden into Mark Worden's own Duck Family Tree.

Characters included in the TreeEdit

First generationEdit

Old "Scotty" McDuckEdit

Created for the Tree. Possibly inspired by memories of Old Scotty from Carl Barks's The Old Castle's Secret. Apparently Scrooge's father or grandfather, later replaced by Don Rosa with Fergus McDuck. There are hints in DuckTales 2017 that Scotty McDuck existed in both universe as part of an alternate timeline and was later erased from time. 

Grandma DuckEdit

Recurring Character. Included as separate from the McDuck branch and Donald's grandmother, mother of Daphne Duck and Quackmore Duck.

Second generationEdit

Matilda McDuckEdit

Recurring Character. First time she is mentioned as Scrooge's sister, a link that would later be crystallized by Don Rosa in the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. Included as having married Goosetave Gander and adopted Gladstone Gander, explaining why Gladstone is Donald's maternal cousin, as opposed to Don Rosa's later version.

Goosetave GanderEdit

Created for the Tree. Is included as Matilda's husband and Gladstone's adoptive father, as opposed to Don Rosa's later version.

Scrooge McDuckEdit

Recurring Character. Inserted as Donald's maternal uncle and Old Scotty's son/grandson.

Hortense McDuckEdit

Created for the Tree. Scrooge and Matilda's sister, would later be made into a recurring character by Don Rosa.

Quackmore DuckEdit

Created for the Tree. First appearance ever of Quackmore, who would later appear in person in Don Rosa's stories; Grandma Duck's son and Donald's father.

Daphne DuckEdit

Created for the Tee. First appearance ever of Daphne, here included as having died of indigestion along with her husband Luke the Goose after giving birth to their only son Gladstone Gander, who got adopted by the couple formed by Matilda McDuck and Goosetave Gander, as opposed to Don Rosa's later reimagining of the character.

Luke the GooseEdit

Created for the Tree. Here included as Daphne's late husband and biological father of Gladstone Gander as well as uncle of Gus Goose.

Luke the Goose's brotherEdit

Created for the Tree. Mentioned as Luke's brother and Gus Goose's father, but doesn't even have a proper name or a panel to himself.

Second generationEdit

Gladstone GanderEdit

Recurring Character. Included as Matilda McDuck and Goosetave Gander's adoptive son, orphaned of Daphen Duck and Luke the Goose, as opposed to Goosetave and Daphne's biological son as shown in later Don Rosa stories.

Thelma DuckEdit

Created for the Tree (?). Rather a strange case, as she seems to be a memory of Della Duck, both names being so similar; she replaces Della as Huey, Dewey and Louie's mother in the tree and Donald's sister.

Donald DuckEdit

Recurring Character. Inserted as Quackmore and Hortense McDuck's son.

Gus GooseEdit

Recurring Character. Inserted as a very, very distant cousin of Donald, being the nephew of Donald's aunt Daphne's late husband Luke the Goose. Also made Gladstone's cousin by the same way. 

Third generationEdit

Huey, Dewey and Louie DuckEdit

Recurring Characters. Inserted as "Thelma" Duck's sons, with Donald being their maternal uncle.

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