This Duck Family Tree was crafted by Carl Barks in 1991, at which point he had lost the first tree he had drawn in the fifties. To put it in his own words, what he had written in the first one was "lost in the senile fog of [his] recollection processes", and he had to work backwards from rereading the reference he had made to the Duck's family in his own stories. As the stories actually didn't follow what Barks had decided for the first tree, this accidentally ended up making the second tree more accurate to the stories than the original one was !

Characters included in the treeEdit

First generationEdit

Grandma DuckEdit

Recurring Character. Included as mother of of Gus Goose's mother, Gladstone Gander's mother and Donald's father.

Second generationEdit

"Daughter of Grandma Duck" n°1Edit

Created for the Tree. Married an unknown Goose (Luke the Goose ?) and had Gus Goose. Only part of the Duck genealogy for which Don Rosa made changes in his own tree compared to this one. Possibly intended as Daphne Duck as seen in the first tree, minus the "died of indigestion" part.

A gooseEdit

Created for the Tree (?). Possibly Luke the Goose or his nameless brother from the first version. Married a "Daughter of Grandma Duck" and fathered Gus Goose.

"Daughter of Grandma Duck" n°2Edit

Created for the Tree (?).  Married a gander (whom Carl Barks mentions he named Goosetave Gander in his letters) and had Gladstone Gander; possibly intended as a standby for Matilda McDuck as depicted in the first version.

(Goosetave) GanderEdit

Taken from the First Version. Married the "Daughter" n°2 and had Gladstone Gander.

"Don's Father"Edit

Taken from the First Version. Obviously the counterpart of Quackmore, though he remains nameless in this version; married Scrooge McDuck's sister.

Mrs. McDuckEdit

Taken from the First Version. Obviously the counterpart of Hortense, though she remains namesless here; married "Don's Father" and had Donald and "Don's Sister".

Scrooge McDuckEdit

Recurring Character. Only mentioned (he doesn't have a panel to himself) as "Mrs McDuck"'s brother.

Third generationEdit

Donald DuckEdit

Recurring Character. Inserted as the son of "Don's Father" and "Mrs McDuck".

"Don's Sister"Edit

Recurring Character/Taken from the First Version. Unclear whether she's a recollection of the original Della Duck from the comic strips, or of the Thelma Duck of the first version.

Fourth generationEdit

Huey, Dewey and Louie DuckEdit

Recurring Character. Sons of "Don's Sister" and an unknown duck.

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