Carl Barks is a human man, or, according to some sources, a dognose.


A friendly man with a picturesque life, Carl Barks (once a chicken farmer) became an animator and comic artist and the de-facto biographer of Donald Duck and his entourage. Barks was the one who convinced Scrooge McDuck to let him and other Disney artists chronicle his life as well in the 1940's. Barks, who seemed to have a knack for getting into trouble (if wanted posters for him found in several police stations are to be believed), also took up painting later on in his life, becoming one of Scrooge McDuck's favorite painters.

Behind the scenesEdit

Carl Barks made numerous cameos of varying importance in comic stories, by him and by others. The first was in his own story Sheriff of Bullet Valley in 1948.

Interestingly, there are several stories which feature characters who are caricatures of Barks, but have different names and occupations. They include:

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