Fanwork The Carnie was a mysterious human man.


A mysterious circus-owner in the early 19th century, “the Carnie” was a thoroughly evil man said to have made a deal with the Devil. His trademark ‘business plan’ was to recruit the lost and desperate into his cursed carnival, taking away their souls as insurance; he carried them on his person, bottled and corked. Three such clients were the living selves of the Hitchhiking Ghosts, who proved his undoing, as after many misadventures, Phineas managed to steal back the three's souls from the Carnie and instead take away the Carnie's own soul (which the man also carried in a bottle for safekeeping). Phineas then cast said soul into the Well of Sinners, killing the Carnie and sending him to Hades in the process.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Carnie was created as the main antagonist of A Hitchhiker's Tale.


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