Castle of Illusion is a video game directed by Emiko Yamamoto. It features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and, in their debut, Mizrabel, the Mysterious Old Mouse, the Old Oak Tree, Mizrabel's Jack-in-the-Box, the Storm-Men, the Licorice Dragon, the Oafish Clockmaker, and the Mischievous Shadow.


The witch Mizrabel, jealous of Minnie Mouse's beauty, kidnaps her and takes her into her bewitched castle in the Black Forest. To save her before Mizrabel can go through her dastardly ritual to rob Minnie of her youth, Mickey must fight his way through the illusion-worlds that Mizrabel has filled her castle with.

Behind the scenesEdit

Castle of Illusion is the first installment in the Illusion series, followed by Land of Illusion. The game was released in March of 1993 in a Game Gear version before a Master System version was created in June of 1993.

It is by far the most well-known game in the series, and received a remake in 2013, which changes a few minor plot elements and improves the overall designs while staying close to the original version's storyline.

In Castle of Illusion, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Mizrabel's home town is called Vera City, a pun on "Veracity", as opposed to Mouseton.

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