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The Cave of Wonders is a sentient enchanted location.


A place of legend, the Cave of Wonders contains untold treasures from times long past. For a long time, it was the primary housing of the Genie's Lamp, which would return to its pedestal once the Genie was done granting a master's three wishes. After Aladdin freed the Genie, Jafar's Lamp was sent there instead,[1] although he also escaped eventually.[2]

The Cave of Wonders's primary location is in the middle of the desert near Agrabah, where it can be summoned using an enchanted beetle pendant. The two halves of the pendant would then become the glowing eyes of a large tiger head made of sand, which embodies the mind of the cave and serves as its only entrance. The Cave uses this form to warn intruders of the dangers that await them if they do not meet the criteria for entering the Cave. Should an unworthy intruder break the rules of the Cave, its insides would collapse in a volcano-like catastrophe, killing the intruder.[1]

In modern times, now devoid of a Genie Lamp, the Cave of Wonders was hired by Mickey Mouse as the keeper of the House of Mouse's Prop Room.[3]

In one timeline, all of the Cave of Wonders' treasures but the Lamp (placed there by humans to put it out of evil men's grasp) were illusory, and it did not originally possess a mind or face, having instead borrowed those of a brave Royal Guard who died by the Cave's entrance trying to stop a younger Jafar from taking the Lamp.[4][FANWORK]

Behind the scenes

The Cave of Wonders first appeared as a character in the 1992 film Aladdin. Interestingly, early concepts called for the Genie's head to appear as the entrance, rather than a separate character embodying the cave itself.

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