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Cedric is a man of unknown species, though it can be assumed he is an anthropomorphic dog like his cousin, Chief O'Hara.


Cedric is a relative of the O'Hara family and might be an O'Hara himself. He is cousins with Seamus O'Hara and his brothers, Sheriff O'Hara and Harry O'Hara. Cedric is a seaman and, in 1957, was promoted to the rank of Captain on the ship, Flying Flounder. Shortly after his promotion, one of the Flying Flounder's passengers reported that some jewels had been stolen. Cedric called his cousin Seamus, the Chief of Police of Mouseton for advice. Seamus suggested that he enlist the help of Mickey Mouse who, coincidentally, was about to board the Flying Flounder as a passenger.

Behind the scenes

Cousin Cedric was mentioned at the end of the 1957 comic story, The Phantom Fires. He was the second O'Hara to be introduced in the story, as Sheriff O'Hara had appeared earlier in the story.