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Cellino Falco was a human man.


A kindhearted man with a love of aviation, Cellino Falco was one of the founders of the Museum of Fantastic Flight, along with his wife, Giuliana Falco. He inspired a love of flight in his daughter Camellia Falco, who would eventually become a famous aviator and member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.

It would seem that Aletta the falcon was cared for by Cellino while Camellia was very young, as the bird can often be seen perched upon Cellino's arm or shoulder in portraits.

Cellino seems to have died in or prior to 1850, at which point Camellia inherited the Museum.

Behind the scenes

Cellino appears in the Tokyo DisneySea attraction Soaring: Fantastic Flight, which opened in July of 2019.