Changing Portraits are a type of haunted paintings.


Changing Portraits are portraits haunted by the ghosts of their subjects (or, in the case of still-lives, related subjects) and made to shift appearances by the ghosts to achieve a spooky effect. This shift can be a gradual morphing, or flashes aided by lightning.

Though the ghosts often reside inside the portraits, it seems they can essentially leave their frames yet have the effect persist; copies of the same Changing Portraits, with identical transformations, exist simultaneously in Phantom Manor and in the Haunted Mansion and at least one ghost once haunted two Changing Portraits and a Sinister Eleven portrait all at once.

In most cases, the shifting will either reveal the subject's true nature (such as a portrait of Count Dracula becoming that of a large bat) or hint at their grim fate (such as the portrait of a handsome young man turning into that of a skeleton).

The Haunted Mansion, Phantom Manor and Mystic Manor all house a number of Changing Portraits.

Known Changing PortraitsEdit

Portrait Description Occupant(s) Found in
April-December Gif
A beautiful young woman's portrait ("April") ages to that of a bitter crone ("December"). Optional middle phases depict naughty June and matronly September. Miss April-December Haunted Mansion,

Phantom Manor


A mysterious, exotic woman reclining on a sofa transforms into a monstrous humanoid panther (or, in an alternate version, a white tiger.) Optional middle phases depict a slow from the head down instead of an instant transformation.

The Werecat Lady

Haunted Mansion,

Phantom Manor

Black Prince

A fierce knight in black armor becomes a rampaging skeleton knight as lightning flashes. Optional middle phases depict a slow decay into the skeletal form, with his armor rusting.

The Black Prince

Haunted Mansion,

Phantom Manor

Behind the scenes Edit

The Changing Portraits are a recurring element in the Haunted Mansion ride and its spin-offs.

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