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Charlie Coot is an anthropomorphic coot.


The nephew of Mousetonian inventor Clarence Coot, and the father of an outgoing son named Custer, Charlie Coot is a rather bumbling, pompous individual who takes great pride in his family history and will not stand for nonsense or superstition. Charlie is obsessed with golf, and it was his lifelong ambition to own his own golf course.

In 2001, Charlie almost got his wish when Clarence disappeared; he won a long legal fight to have him declared legally dead and became the owner of his property, intending to raze the Coot House. However, it surfaced (thanks to Mickey Mouse's inquisitiveness) that Clarence had not died, but merely been trapped in another dimension. After he was rescued, Clarence forgave Charlie for his selfishness, promising to build him a golf course in the backyard of the Coot House, made longer than ought to be possible through the trick of rerouting the balls through Dimension X.

Behind the scenesEdit

Charlie Coot appears in the 2001 story Is This House Haunted? by Don Markstein and Noel Van Horn.

Is This House Haunted? does not clarify whether Clarence's Coot family is the same one as Cornelius Coot's; while Charlie calls up Cornelius among other "famous coots" while trying to uphold his family's honor, he does not make it clear whether he is referring to the Coots as a family, or as a species (the fact that comic dialogue is rendered in all-caps does not allow one to tell for sure). On this wiki, it is assumed that they are indeed related, but this is not a certain fact.

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